About us

Although we are not twins. The differences between us are not only two years of age and 2 cm tall, but also various interests and education. For a long time there was even more – our common childhood caused that as teenagers we had relatively little contact with one another. Perhaps because of the desire to stand out from the sister or because of the boredom of life in such a long relationship. Besides, each of us had hers own closed social life, with its mysteries which at that age you could not tell anyone in the family.

Now we only laugh at this. We do not longer want to be distinguished from each other. We go to the piercer together again, still get the same gifts from family, buy similar bags, have a shared obsession about weight loss and travel the world together. After so many years, we are the same as in childhood. A couple of two sisters, two best friends. As a result of this long-term relationship, full of joys and sorrows, quarrels and reconciliations, insult, but most of all – pure and true sisterly love – the FEMALE brand was born, our joint work, our common passion (more about FEMALE here).