Nov 3, 2016


Every brand has a story. Each has its own individual identity. If you ask us, who would FEMALE be as a man, the answer would be immediate – us.

FEMALE is us. That’s what we love, respect, admire and what we want. Our collections are characterised by minimalism, because we believe that by simplicity we can express the most. Limited coloring of clothes is a result of Kasia’s adoration for gray and Anita’s to black. In our projects we focus on the comfort of wearing, because clothes are like friends – in every situation we should feel with them well. The materials from which sew are high quality, because it is much better to buy something for years than running regular throughout the high-street shops in search of replacements of riddled dresses. We become accustomed to our clothes 😉

These few features are the basis for all our projects. What distinguishes them among themselves are some original solutions – each time unusual materials and cuts. Our specialty are certainly necklines. From the very beginning our clothes had common characteristic V on the back. At first barely visible under the hair falling over the shoulders, now it has become our trademark. Currently original open back adorns dresses from each of ours collections. Women have beautiful backs and should expose them!

FEMALE means also individualism in the approach to anyone. As we both are open to new experiences and meeting new people, we want to reach out with our brand to customers. We want to aware our clients that we do clothes especially for them. Collections are strictly limited, each design is sewn with great care. And to meet the problems which many of us faces every day while shopping in stores with steady size charts, we sew clothes to measure. And every woman who wants to have our project, will have it – well-cut and in her size.

Therefore FEMALE is us and our little desires.